Our Services

Founded about 10 years ago PowerHouse Enterprises, LLC is a provider of innovative solutions and capabilities to clients worldwide. Achieving your vision might require a web portal, enterprise search, infrastructure upgrade, or a complete business or process transformation. PowerHouse has the deep industry expertise and a portfolio of interrelated consulting, business process, learning, application, and infrastructure services, necessary to create innovative solutions that achieve and sustain measurable results.

Enterprise Strategy

Companies that utilize the latest technology and best practices are the ones that stay competitive. What is your strategy for keeping your technology, and most importantly the way you use it, up to date and current with your industry's latest trends?


Technology Consulting

Our Technology Consulting Services

  • SharePoint
    • Collaboration; Portals; SEARCH; Content Management; Business Forms; Business Intelligence
  • Planning
  • Business requirements analysis
  • Solution design
  • Prototyping
  • Migration
  • Information Architecture re-alignment
  • Governance management
  • Search and Findability
  • Knowledge worker development
  • Continuous improvement
  •

Knowledge Management

Our Knowledge Management consultation services help companies streamline their information sharing across all departments and employees. With sound knowledge management, your organization can foster innovation and drive business growth, giving you the competitive edge in an increasingly competitive world.


Project Management

Our Approach

Powerhouse Enterprises takes pride in carefully analyzing your business before recommending a solution. Whether the work is a single project or an extensive program, our solutions are not only groundbreaking, but also carefully crafted for your particular environment. Give us a try first and you will see results immediately with our pilot implementation. Get a sense of what we’re capable of and then decide to fully commit.