Enterprise Strategy

By fostering professional executive relationships with our business partners, Powerhouse Enterprises collaborates as it innovates. We value and offer advice beyond Knowledge Management; after assessing risk and compliance and change management issues, we carefully illustrate the expected value of your investment. We meet your enterprise requirements by unearthing your value.

Knowledge Management

Our Knowledge Management services help companies streamline their information sharing across all departments and employees. With sound knowledge management, your organization can foster innovation and drive business growth, giving you the competitive edge in an increasingly competitive world.Our seasoned experts armed with a battled hardened process are dedicated to transforming your team.

Technology Consulting

Powerhouse Enterprises takes you through the entire solution’s life cycle. We offer advice and deployment services on Microsoft SharePoint plus associated products affecting its value-add. Our solutions are therefore all encompassing, and when occasion requires, we offer additional advice on applications, development, data centers, cloud computing, and mobile technologies that may influence your knowledge management strategy .

Enterprise Strategy

Enterprise Strategy

Companies that utilize the latest technology and best practices are the ones that stay competitive. What is your strategy for keeping your technology, and most importantly the way you use it, up to date and current with your industry's latest trends?

Defining Your Enterprise Strategy Problems

  • Are you maximizing the output of your technology?
  • How can you foster innovation and growth with technology?

Our Solutions

  • Enterprise Oriented Architecture: We evaluate and implement solutions for enterprise technology.
  • Information Technology Management: Our IT performance management will help improve your current IT situation by reducing costs and improving output.

The PowerHouse Outcome

Powerhouse Enterprises Technology strategy consultants weave technology into your company's business goals and deliver results that lower costs and give you the competitive edge. Each company has ongoing and unique problems and our agile process allows us to craft a solution that fits you.